The on-line registration is an interactive process.

The one registration form allows three registration types to be selected - Full, Student, Partner.
  • The EarlyBird discount of $40 for Full registration is automatically applied up to the 31st May.
  • Last day to order a Polo Shirt (with pocket) is 31st July.
  • Various options and feedback lists appear automatically, depending on one's selections.
  • (eg. to view the model kit for the workshop or home, a registration type has to be selected first)
  • A confirmation of registration email, with a 1-page summary of input attached, is sent automatically.
  • Please read the Preliminary Notes at the beginning of the registration form.
Due to unexpected situation, Credit/Debit Card option is only available under the PayPal option (see note at payment section on form)

Click Register to start the interactive registration process.

Any problems, please Contact Us.